We began in 2007 in response to the June voluntary climbing ban at Devils Tower, in an attempt to answer the question:  "What good does it do average Joe diabetic, unemployed citizen of any reservation to have average Joe cubicle worker patting themselves on the back for showing respect by not climbing in June but coming out on May 31st or July 2nd?"  Frank Sanders, former board member, completed Project 365, a year of climbing on the Tower, in an effort to raise awareness and invite ALL to learn more.  Michael Eisenberg, an avid climber from Pennsylvania, attorney and family man, joined currently  as President with Juliana Byrd as secretary and Gretchen Lees as treasurer.  

Thank You for Donating to the Little Red School House & Sacred

1886 School House office and sales space for Sacred

Devils Tower-Sacred To Many People

Sacred To Many People has shifted from monetary donation to public health entities on Reservations to Economic Development for those who wi​sh to spend time here at Devils Tower.  

​Please contact Juliana Byrd at 707-318-2581 to arrange for space in the Little Red School House (1886), right on Hwy 24.  Camping is free and 20% of sales is the requested donation from any artist who wishes to take advantage of this spot.  

The world uses this highway to get to the Tower and stops to see the School House -- take advantage of the traffic to increase sales as well as extend knowledge.